iHeart Fiesta Latina English

iHeart Fiesta Latina English a la carta

Noviembre 2015

Fonseca and Wisin Perform at iHeartRadio

3.0 56 x
The Colombian singer performs in front of hundreds his song “Te Mando Flores,” followed by Wisin who arrives to the stage and sings “Algo Que Me Gusta De Ti,” at the American Airlines Arena.

IHeart: Voz de Mando and Marco Antonio Solís

3.0 62 x
Watch Voz de Mando perform their song “Levantando Polvadera” and after, watch Marco Antonio Solís sing “Si No Te Hubieras Ido” at iHeartRadio.

IHeartRadio: Becky G Sings “Shower”

3.0 105 x
First watch Camila perform “Mientes” at the American Airlines Arena and after Becky G will perform “Shower”.

IHeartRadio: Becky G Sings “Shower”

3.0 99 x
Mini-JLo, Becky G, puts everyone to dance as she sings her hit “Shower” at the HeartRadio Fiesta Latina.

IHeartRadio: JLo performs “On The Floor”

3.0 60 x
The Bronx Diva opens the concert Hispanics have been waiting for all year and slays on stage singing and dancing “On The Floor”. After, watch Marco Antonio Solís perform his song “Más Que Tu Amigo”.

IHeartRadio: JLo Sings “On the Floor"

3.0 58 x
The Bronx Diva, Jennifer Lopez, opens the iHeartRadio concert with the song “On The Floor.”

IHeartRadio: Pitbull and Royce Perform

3.0 55 x
Mr. 305 sings “Don’t Stop The Party” at iHeartRadio and after his performance, watch Prince Royce sing “Corazón Sin Cara” at the American Airlines Arena.

IHeartRadio: Pitbull Closes the Show

3.0 61 x
Mr. 305 performs his song “Give Me Everything” and closes the show.

IHeartRadio: Pitbull Sings “Don’t Stop The Party”

3.0 117 x
Mr. 305 brings the party to his hometown singing “Don’t Stop The Party” at the iHeartRadio concert.

IHeartRadio: Prince Royce and JLo Sing “Back It Up"

3.0 79 x
The Bachata King, Prince Royce, and the Bronx Diva, JLo, perform their song “Back It Up” at iHeartRadio.